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Plant Service Los Alamitos

Commercial Plant Service Los Alamitos

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Designer quality interior and exterior plants, vibrant flowering plants, orchids, custom silks and containers. All plants are individually hand-selected. A 'Design Eye' makes certain the correct dimensions, style and placement of the plants.

We Take You From Design to Installation to Maintenance.
It's A Fun Experience!

Neat, clean and organized. Timely installations. Our technicians wear company approved uniforms with logo identification.

  • Bi-weekly, closely monitored watering.
  • Thorough plant inspection and cleaning.
  • Proper plant fertilization at correct feeding intervals.
  • Pests are controlled with natural products. Pesticides are never used!

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Clients love it! Healthy plants& fewer service visits.

Our Maintenance and Guaranteed Replacement Program consists of a complete guarantee on all plants covered by contracts. Any plant that commences to lose its energy will be swiftly replaced at no supplementary cost to the client.

MR. PLANT guarantees that plants that are not hearty and healthy will be replaced so your account will always shine!

MR. PLANT'S ongoing association with the leading neighborhood, regional and national plant and plant merchandise suppliers ensures the most beautiful and healthy plants for your requirements. Stunning bromeliads, anthurium, orchids and other colorful blooming plants are continuously available to add that distinctive touch.

PPlants add the gorgeous final touches required for that perfect home look. And…foliage is less expensive than furnishings. It can really make a difference!

Please contact us for further materials on this popular choice.